Vodafone 360 Available To All

vodafone_360Recently, Vodafone unveiled its social networking oriented 360 service; a program speculated to help them keep their current customers. As it turns out, the Vodafone 360 service will also be offered to users on other networks – anyone who wants it will be able to download it by the end of the year.

This means that potentially, a T Mobile user, for example, will be able to talk to their contacts through the 360 service, as well as being able to buy applications from Vodafone’s new application store, (which also falls under the 360 program,) as easily as using their own networks services.

This means that not only will Vodafone be getting revenue that would have otherwise been that of rival companies, but it will also be seen in a positive light by consumers – much like Microsoft when it offered its Internet Explorer web browser to Apple users. (At least until it took it back.)

Currently Vodafone receives roughly 10% of its revenue via data usage and that 40% of the pages users were viewing from their handsets were those of social networking websites.

Vodafone 360 makes use of internet based services, bringing together all a users contacts from their mobile phone, social networking accounts and email accounts, including Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook contacts.

At the core of its system is the address book, which displays the status updates and profile pictures of friends alongside their other contact details; there are even plans to introduce Twitter updates soon after launch.

Effectively, users will have access to every communication option previously offered by their computers and mobile phones rolled into one, and although other networks have various options that the Vodafone 360 service does, it doesn’t have them as the ultimate “everything in one place” design the 360 boasts; so until a rival program comes along, Vodafone very much has the social networking market cornered.


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