Virgin Mobile Lets You Text Space!

DishLast week Virgin Mobile announced a very different kind of service now available to its customers within the UK; the ability to send text messages from your mobile phone straight into Space!

The new service, less than creatively named “Texts into Space”, will be providing people the ability to send a text message, namely those of the romantic nature, into outer space where they will literally float around amongst the stars for the rest of time. You can tell someone you will love them “forever” and then prove it, by having your message of love last that long.

Coming just in time for the holiday season, Virgin suggests this is a very special and unique gift for anyone who you truly care about. Your message will be transmitted from your mobile phone handset via a satellite Earth Station in Cornwall thanks to the website The idea that your message will last for all of eternity is sure to appeal to the more sentimental among us, and warm the hearts of friends, family and partners alike.

Amazingly, you will only be charged the amount of a regular text message, and any kind of mobile phone can be used, (provided you’re in the UK,) by sending an sms to the services phone number; 80995.

If you would like to spend more than a few cents on your gift however, there is also the option of having the recipient of your message receive a formal “Certificate of Transmission” for only £9.95, as well as instructions telling them how to get email updates on the status of their text, as well as how to track its journey through space online and even get notified when it passes various significant milestones along the way.

Virgin Mobile’s Tim Dowling described the company as being; “Quite literally over the moon!” about this latest venture.


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