Tesco Plans 100 New Mobile Stores

tescoTesco Mobile currently has plans to open 100 new mobile stores by March next year, after already opening fifty two “Phone Shops”.

The retailer is also going to roll out its “Phone Guys” to help customers choose which mobile phone is right for them in all of its stores, after a trial. To us these “Phone Guys” sound like the mobile phone equivalent of Mac Geniuses – so let’s just hope that they will be more helpful than pushy, as we’ve all had a bad experience with up selling attempts when shopping for a new handset, I’m sure.

A spokesperson for Tesco Mobile stated that the sale of pre pay mobile broadband is “going well”, with figures showing a 71% increase in sales. She also said that activity was “particularly good around the September back to school and university time.”

Back at the beginning of October, the store began to sell smartphones as part of a strategy to present more high end mobile phones and broaden its range of services and products.

The company got off to a good start with their smartphone range carrying two low priced pre pay phones, the Alcatel Tribe OT800 as well as the LG GW300, both of which were of course on the company’s own Tesco Mobile network.

Tesco is currently in discussions with various manufacturers regarding 8 smartphones, which we will likely see on shelves by the end of this year – which will prove especially good news for parents who have kids eager to get their hands on a new mobile phone, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

Within the next three years there are plans to have mobile stores in every one of Tesco’s 210 supermarkets.


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