Tesco and Virgin to introduce ‘unlimited’ tariffs

tescoWith recent news that BT and 3G are trying to drive down mobile phone tariff costs by cutting out hidden charges, supermarket giant Tesco have made a move that should please many mobile phone users if it is to cause a network price war. Tesco who operate their own mobile phone network, have now announced an unlimited network tariff providing limitless messages and call minutes to any network as well as unlimited internet access. All of this for the small price of £30 a month.

In similar news, Virgin Media have also announced their own unlimited tariff, although it is at the much higher price of £65 per month. The Virgin Media deal also comes with some ‘fair usage’ restrictions as well, limiting you to 3000 texts and 3000 call minutes. How exactly this is unlimited is not clear but it will certainly provide more talk time and textage than most people could consume even if they tried.

In a similar manner the Tesco ‘unlimited’ tariff is also limited to £500 per month which is again more than most people would use. This works out at about 41.6 hours per month and so you would have to be glued to your phone to exceed this limit. The Tesco network is a joint venture with O2 and uses O2’s infrastructure.

While these ‘unlimited’ contracts are in fact limited, and both Tesco and Virgin Media could be criticised for corporate deception or false advertising, these are contract offers that many people would benefit from. Hopefully this move by both Tesco and Virgin Media, coupled with the actions of BT and 3G, should see the start of mobile phone costs starting to decline dramatically which surely many people will welcome.

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