Smart phone expected from Dell!

Sources have reported (Wall Street Journal and New York Times) that PC, laptop and server giants Dell will be releasing their first smart phone in 2009. Apparently Dell has been working on this top secret project for over a year in an office in Chicago. A number of prototypes have been created in order to test exactly which mobile platform will be used. It’s the age old debate open source software Vs paid software, php Vs asp, Google Android Vs Windows Mobile. Dell may be pushed towards the Windows Mobile option as it has a successful relationship with Microsoft already.

There is currently no official launch for Dell’s first smart phone, however I’m pretty sure we will see a glimpse of its offerings at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month. If Dell can be as successful in the mobile phone industry as it has been in the PC, laptop, Server and PDA industry, I’m sure this smart phone will be a huge success, even with the competitiveness of the industry taken into consideration.

Will Dell be able to muscle into Nokia (N97 on its way), Sony Ericsson (X1 and C905), LG (Prada 2 on its way), Blackberry (8900 Curve) and Samsung’s (INNOV8, Pixon and Omnia) huge hold on the smart phone market? Apple achieved it with its Apple iPhone offering, I’m sure Dell will have a good go at it.
We will keep you posted on all developments on this.


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