Orange Announces Sound Of Orange RockCorps Music Experience

Sound Of Orange RockCorpsUK mobile phone service provider Orange has just launched the Sound of Orange RockCorps – a brand new app letting users create their very own versions of the most recent music tracks, before sharing their remixes with friends on Facebook. The Sound of Orange RockCorps will be kicked off with sounds created by more than 8000 Orange RockCorps volunteers.

It provides an innovative and very social music experience, which will allow users to create their own remixes from the latest tracks as well as using their own voice via their computer’s microphone or their mobile phone handset. The Facebook connectivity will also let people create joint tracks, something sure to be a real hit, especially with the younger crowd.

The Sound of Orange RockCorps was created by the digital agency “Poke, and will include various different tracks and a special performance area at the top where the best tracks will be displayed. Besides Facebook, you will also be able to post a link to your own tracks on websites and blogs – although don’t expect to see one here anytime soon!

The main focus of the new application is to help increase aware of Orange RockCorps, the music based volunteer programme which tries to offer young people a way to experience the gift of giving something back to their own community. The programme offers young participants in the program the change to earn tickets to concerts in return for their hard work.

A great program, and a very funky new application for your mobile phone – just be prepared to see a lot of teenaged girls uploading their own remixes of Pink songs on a Facebook page near you!


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