Online Retailers On Top Of Mobile Savings

001_Cheap-pigEarlier in the year Omnio conducted a survey to work out just how much a person could save by buying a mobile phone online rather than in one of their local stores; the results are quite surprising. The findings showed that a regular plan for a popular mobile phone could cost up to £360 more than the same handset plan from an online seller.

Since then it seems that the networks have become increasingly more aware of the opportunities provided by “online only” deals, with many major networks now giving away more minutes and texts to users who sign up on the internet rather than visiting a traditional local mobile phone retailer.

For example, O2 offers users the chance to double the number of free SMS they get with many of their online sign up options, as well as some special internet only tariffs that can save heavy users a bundle. T Mobile and Orange also have tariff deals, which reward customers for buying on the web.

Vodafone offer the best incentives to their customers, letting them get a special half price line rental offer for a big slice of their contracts duration when they sign up using the company’s online store. Although the line rental will return to full price by the end of the contract, even 6 months at half price is a great deal.

In an age where more and more people are making the majority of their purchases online, be it for electronics, furniture or even groceries, it seems like a very positive step for consumers when mobile phone manufacturers aim to stay ahead of the curve; especially in this instance when it allows us some pretty impressive savings.

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