Office Mobile Will Include SharePoint and OneNote

WinMoRumour has it that Microsoft is preparing a few new features for the handsets running under Windows Mobile operating system that are expected out in the second half of next year – namely in terms of Office Mobile; one of the company’s most popular mobile phone applications. Although there are currently no official details, a mock up presentation that appeared back in August does give us some clues.

The mock up presentation for Office Mobile 2010 showed some novelties for the app, as well as suggesting that it should include a mobile version of Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneNote products. Word has it that Office Mobile 2010 will also have a good amount of optimisations for the Windows Mobile 7 operating system, which is expected to reach users sometime in the second half o 2010.

Right now, Office Mobile 6.1 is the more recent version of the app; which comes with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as a variation of OneNote that is able to sync up with OneNote on your desktop.

What this means is that the company will be working hard to refine the app, along with its features, so that Windows Mobile users will have a better experience using their handsets; something the company has been focussed on for some time now. Regarding SharePoint Mobile, there is some speculation that it will allow access to the SharePoint Server 2010’s social networking and content management tools.

If Microsoft does improve on their Office Mobile app, it is likely they will get some new customers out of it, especially those who rely on their mobile phones for everyday business.


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