New Build Of Windows Mobile 6.5

WinMoWindows Mobile 6.5, which has only recently been released as a SDK, (Software Development Kit,) is currently on Build 23053, which has come only shortly after the recently leaked Build 23052, as well as many builds before it. It is fast becoming the norm to see frequent new builds of Windows Mobile 6.5, although this one seems slightly more interesting than those to come before it.

A lot of different websites and forums are discussing the latest build, which features several improvements to stability as well as some enhancements to speed, although by all accounts it looks practically identical to Build 23052. Yet, when it is compared to previously released builds it has some changes that were not expected, including; The status bar now has new icons and is available from any location on your mobile phone, not just the home screen, listboxes now feature new dropdown arrows, checkboxes have been repaired and battery life has been improved – as well as the usual bug fixes we see in al new builds.

When Windows Mobile 6.5 hits regular users handsets it is being speculated that it will include an interesting new feature; one that would allow users to send emails and text messages to entire groups of contacts, (users will be able to create groups of contacts from their phonebooks,) which will save time from the old method of individually adding each contact.

Between now and when Windows Mobile 6.5 finds its way onto handsets as the standard Windows Mobile OS in the not too distant future we will continue to keep you updated, as there will likely be many more exciting changes to see with upcoming builds.

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