New Android Could Be Available As Early As October

AndroidAccording to, the latest Android OS could be available as soon as in October. The speculation comes after Google releases Android 1.6 as an SDK, or “Software Developers Kit”.

The latest version will include support for CDMA mobile phones as well as GSM devices, support multiple screen resolutions including WVGA and QGVA displays, as well as some other exciting new features.

The additionally functionality of a Quick Search box has been added, which is similar to Spotlight on Apple computers – it allows the user to instantly search through their entire mobile phone easily and find exactly what they want without any of the hassles found in older model phones.

The Quick Search can also be set so that users will be able to browse the internet at the same time as their mobile phone, allowing them to get fast access to things such as business listings, weather, music, news and more – all without actually launching their phone’s web browser.

The new Android operating system will also include a dictionary function as well as “Text to Speech” capabilities, which is supported in multiple different languages.

Not unlike the recent improvements Nokia made to their N86, the new Android will also be making improvements to both camera and gallery experiences – with the camera speed increasing by 39%.

With the update out as early as this October, Google has already issued a statement advising older Android applications will not be negatively effected by the new version of the OS.


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