Mobile Industry Doesn’t Attract Serious Buyers

PhoneShopDue to bad customer service in store, online and over the phone, along with a lack of appealing deals, more than one third of people who want to buy a mobile phone don’t do so, according to YouGov.

The results are from a recent survey of almost 1,000 consumers who were questioned about their experiences while browsing and buying mobile phones.

YouGov’s “Mobile Buying Experience” survey showed that a huge number of potential sales are lost every day. In fact, only 54% of people who went shopping for a mobile phone, a mobile accessory or a particular service in the first six months of this year ended up making a purchase. Even amongst the people who considered themselves to be “serious purchase intenders”, only two in three actually made a transaction.

Participants in the survey complained about terrible sales techniques, not only in retail stores but also from sales staff contacted over the phone.

One major mobile phone retailer, who chose to withhold their identity, question the methods used by YouGov in their survey. A spokesperson representing the retailed said; “We do not think this is a fair representation, as the subjects were all contacted online.”

Luckily YouGov responded to defend the survey, pointing out that with 65% of homes in the United Kingdom online; “It gives a good indication of a trend that needs to be addressed.”

The statistic that we most agree with is the number of potential customers who were put off by not being allowed to handle the mobile phone they were interested in purchasing. A whopping 91% of people surveyed said that they would have preferred the option to “play” with the handset before buying, compared with only 44% who were actually allowed to do so.

Buying a new mobile phone is like buying a car – you know you will replace it eventually, but you still want to take it for a test drive, if only to make sure that it isn’t going to crash on the way home.

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