EISA Best European Phone Awards 2009/2010

eisaThe European Imaging and Sound Association has just finished dishing out awards to what it considers to be the best phones in a range of categories on release in Europe. The awards ceremony was judged by representatives from over 50 of the top tech magazines across Europe, asked to give their own expert opinion on which phones deserved the illustrious titles.

The award for best camera phone was not given to the Pixon 12 as expected but another Samsung device, the i8910 Omnia HD. While the Pixon 12 had been noted for its exceptional camera that comes with 12 megapixels (as the name suggests) and a wealth of other features, the Omnia HD managed to bag the award due to its video capabilities. With 8 megapixel video and 24fps it is one of the only phone cameras around that can record in HD.

Nokia bagged the award for Best Business Phone with their E75. The E75 had been praised for its robust build quality and durable battery life making it ideal for the professional on the move. The E75 had been able to handle just about any business related task that had been thrown at it making it ideal for the business user.

The Best Music Phone of course went to Sony Ericsson with their W995. Sony Ericsson has a long business history of working with music entertainment dating back to the early 1980s with the Walkman, and even earlier. It is no surprise that they should transfer this knowledge to their phones although the W995 is perhaps not the most feature packed phone in terms of music. Sony Ericsson had been praised however for bringing such a wealth of features to the public for such an affordable price.

The award for Best Smartphone went, unsurprisingly, to the much hyped iPhone 3GS. The award was given to the shiny Apple device despite the best efforts of competitors to be the company that comes up with the highly anticipated ‘iPhone Killer’.

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