Dell Mini 3i pics leaked

dellmini3iThere have been rumours about computer manufacturers Dell moving into the world of mobile phone development for some time now and in the last few days’ new pictures have emerged of what they have been up to. Pictures of the Mini 3i were leaked by Chinese website Sina and show the phone in comparison to Apple’s iPhone. While the Dell device looks somewhat larger than the iPhone it is attracting attention for its OPhone OS, a Chinese oriented modification of Google Android.

Dell still insists that the Mini 3i is merely a prototype and that they have no plans to release it. In fact they claim that they do not even have a name for it and the ‘Mini 3i’ moniker was actually attached to the handset by If it is just a prototype these pictures will give some indication of what an upcoming Dell phone may look like and also show off the new OS that they have been developing.

While Dell deny any specific specifications others have reported that the Mini 3i, if that is its real name, will come with a 3.5” capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 360 x 640. It seems that the phone does not support 3G, Wi-Fi or include a 3.5mm audio jack and only has support for EDGE and Bluetooth, but if this is just a prototype it is likely that Dell will add more features to any phone they do release.

Dell has yet to release a phone in any market and is quite insistent that the phone in these pictures will not be their debut device. Instead they are just an example of things they have been experimenting with and brought out to show off at a recent Chinese mobile phone event.

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