CoPilot Live v8 available for WinMo and Android

CoPilot_Android1-46985-46986Not long after the launch of a CoPilot Live v8 app for the iPhone developers ALK Technologies have announced the launch of the satellite navigation system for Windows Mobile and the Android OS. The sat nav software was released for the iPhone last week but it is now apparent that it is not to be available exclusively for the Apple device and users of WinMo and Google Android handsets will also be able to reap the benefits.

CoPilot offers turn-by-turn traffic guidance with full voice commands and the interface notifies users of speed limits and features 3D landmarks to make the map more understandable. The CoPilot system offers a much clearer indication than many other sat nav applications due to a number of its innovative features. There is a lane indicator which tells you exactly which lane you need to be in when approaching a roundabout or exiting a motorway.

ALK have also included a walking mode as they have recognised that sat nav systems are not necessarily always used in cars. This mode takes pedestrian routes into consideration when calculating your preferred journey.

Live Local Search allows you to search for certain services within your immediate vicinity, such as coffee shops, restaurants or hat shops. It can also provide you information about the weather in your area or direct you to the nearest petrol station (probably not very useful in walking mode) and even tell you which of the petrol stations in your surroundings is the cheapest. If you connect to LiveLink you can be shown the location of your LiveLink friends and they can locate you (you can turn this off).

While the CoPilot software is available already on the iPhone and is now also available for WinMo and Android and can be downloaded online or purchased on DVD from many leading retailers.

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