Confirmation Of 3 Spotify Deal

spotifyMobile phone network 3 UK has just officially confirmed, (at last!) a deal with the popular music streaming service, Spotify, which is set to first appear on the HTC Hero Android mobile phone just in time for Christmas.

The data focussed carrier then plans to release a line of music enabled 3 handsets, with the mobile phone’s contracts to be paired with a premium subscription to the Spotify service.

With Hutchison Wampoa, (3’s parent company,) very much invested in Spotify as well as the CEO of INQ, (Frank Meehan,) on the board, the service was always going to find its way onto the company’s mobile phones – it is thought it will be marketed as an alternative to “Nokia‘s Come With Music”, which interestingly enough, 3 was the first network to support.

By giving their customers Spotify as part of a ready made bundle, 3 seems set to widen the demographic of streaming music, as well as take it away from the desktop – a lot like has already been achieved with Skype being used to make calls.

With the network already trying to hang onto customers by making them upgrade to premium users with the iPhone and Android applications, the deal between 3 UK and Spotify could not come at a better time. It is getting the attention of the media and the company’s target audience.

However, there are alternatives such as Sky Songs that will be eager to steal some of the customers hyped by the idea of streaming music, and it probably won’t be too long before the competition makes mobile music a very crowded scene.

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