Spotify HTC Hero Comes To 3 UK

HTC HeroThe 3 network has paired up with Spotify and HTC to bring the HTC Hero with Spotify enabled for the entirety of your contract with them to their customers – it will be available come the 3rd of November.

Besides being the first handset with the service on the 3 network, it will also be the carriers first ever Android handset, and as such is generating quite a lot of buzz. The bundled Spotify subscription is well suited considering 3’s reputation as a company that places huge importance on all things mobile internet based – although as you can likely imagine, the bundle wont be coming cheap.

Even if you opt in for a 24 month contract costing £35 per month, the Spotify enabled HTC Hero is still going to cost you an upfront fee of £99. This is still a very good deal when you consider that the Spotify Premium membership you will have for the life of your contract is worth £240 on its own, however when you are spending £35 a month you generally expect to receive the mobile phone for free – so while we are a tad disappointed we figure £99 is still a discount of £141 thanks to the Spotify savings.

The deal will give you unlimited mobile internet, text messages and phone calls 3 to 3, as well as 750 minutes to any mobile on any network. Whether or not Spotify Premium signups will be popular enough to make the service successful or not remains to be seen, however this bundle deal is a good start, supposing enough people are willing to fork out £99 for the privilege.

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