Smart Communication with the HTC Snap

HTC-SnapHTC recently came up with an answer to the bourgeoning problem of information and communications overload with the HTC Snap. The HTC Snap is a smartphone that lets you communicate first with the persons who really matter to your life. While work is important, real friends and family should come first. This applies to everything with the HTC Snap. Take a peek and see what HTC means by Inner Circle.
Comfortably ensconced in the Inner Circle
The Inner Circle principle guiding the HTC Snap builds upon the fact that we have 2 sets of contacts, always: very important contacts and not so important contacts. Even if you have 100 different contacts in your phone book and email contacts, all the contacts that you have marked as part of the Inner Circle would be displayed immediately so you can respond to these important emails promptly.
You won’t have to look for these emails; you won’t have to feel stress in glossing over other emails that are not of tantamount importance. With the prevalence of junk mail and spam, no wonder HTC was quick to develop the Inner Circle.
Tinkering with communication
HTC-SnapWhat can you actually do with your HTC Snap? A 1000-megahertz Qualcomm core would be useless if the smartphone had been designed with the clumsiest features. This cannot be said of the HTC Snap. Aside from the full-sized QWERTY keypad, major features synchronize your schedule and your communications like never before.
Do you like texting? Comparable to the experience of the using a mobile phone like the Asus P835, you can use your high-powered smartphone for important mini-conversations. Text all you want; the keypad/keyboard was designed to handle even the most furious fingers.
What’s in it?

HTC is offering the new phone without a Symbian OS. Snap has been equipped with Windows Mobile 6.1 and has been installed with a 256-megabyte ROM and 192 megabyte RAM. The HTC Snap weighs an average of 120 grams and has a 2.4-inch resistive display.


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