O2 Gives an Entertainment Fix: the HTC HD2

HTC HD2Most mobile phones; GSM and smart phones alike, have a broad range of entertainment functions. The most commonly used feature is music and video playback. This alone will net you enough entertainment while waiting in the lobby, travelling to the office or even when you’re just sitting down at your workstation. There are a lot of mobile devices that focus on these features, the Apple iPhone and Nokia’s XpressMusic are two such examples. Some phones, however, take entertainment in a whole new light and incorporate even more functionality.

Breaking Not-so-New Grounds

Mobile gaming is not unchartered territory, but it is one that is looked down upon by the general video game industry. With the low end specifications on mobile phones, it comes as to no surprise that mobile games tend to be simple casual programs meant more to drain time rather than to give a truly enjoyable gamin experience.  HTC is packing serious heat into the HD2 so that it can run some serious applications, and that includes games.

One Large Screen

One major weakness of mobile phones as compared to gaming devices is the small screen size. Even the larger touch screen phones suffer from this. HTC HD2 takes this challenge head on with a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen. This is a major improvement in screen size as compared to other mobile device. While this does mean that the HD2 will be a lot taller and wider, it still remains quite slim and should still be handy enough to either carry around or slip into a pocket or pouch.

More Power for Your Mobile

At 1200mAh the lithium ion battery of the HTC HD2 is already pretty good. Though expect your gaming applications to still drain some serious percentage away from your call and standby time. Hopefully, the device will support power saving options as well so that you can carefully manage how the battery is utilized.

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