New demonstration of TouchFlo 3D 2.6 from HTC

HTC-TouchFLO-3D-Manila2.5-screenshotThere has been much discussion about the upcoming release of Windows Mobile 6.5 that is rumoured to have many drastic changes implemented from previous versions, most noticeably the support for capacitive touchscreens. Amidst all of this, HTC have just released video demonstrations of their new TouchFlo 3D 2.6 interface that they have been developing to work in conjunction with the new WinMo.

While the original TouchFlo has proven to be a popular interface among phone users it has received some criticism for its now outdated design. There had also been calls from HTC fans to bring the much-loved Sense UI to Windows Mobile devices although HTC state they have no plans to do so. Instead they plan to use the philosophy behind the Sense UI as a major inspiration for the new TouchFlo.

Through their experience working with Android HTC have attempted to bring much of the Google OS’ appeal to their own interface, most noticeably in the form of the icons and homescreen which have a very Android feel to them. HTC have also attempted, quite successfully it seems, to integrate the Weather and Calendar tabs into the overall interface. Other additions include new landscape modes for the photo album and also for the album art browser which greatly increase usability.

The UI on display in the videos still seems too sluggish for release but HTC have plenty of time to iron out these problems before the release of Windows Mobile later this year. The public appearance of the new TouchFlo will probably come shortly after this and it is rumoured that HTC are planning the release of the interface on their new HTC Leo handset. There is no official release date for the Leo just yet, although it will probably be released sometime early 2010 which should give HTC enough time to perfect the new TouchFlo.


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