htc touch pro2 new and improved touch pro

HTC-Touch-Pro-2-FrontHTC Touch Pro2 is an improvement in the design HTC Touch Diamond. HTC Touch Pro combines the strong points of Diamond phone with new improvements to produce a new business focused phone. HTC Touch Pro 2 contracts provides beautiful phones that may be thicker than diamond phones and may also weight slightly more. Extra size and weight, both are because of extra features added and these extra features make these phones unique in HTC series. Though its size and weight are slightly increased but still it can fit in any users pocket without giving them a feel that they are carrying a mobile phone. It is slightly faster and a more stable phone.

HTC-Touch-Pro-2-BackThe thickness of this mobile phone is because of full QWERTY keyboard present underneath and can slide out. This keyboard is similar the keyboard any computer with decent sized keys. Shortcuts to certain tasks automatically appear on the screen when keyboard slides out and thus provides quick access to few tasks. Thus with this keyboard users enjoy the use of both the computer keyboard and the normal keyboard. This feature is very beneficial for those users who needs to send emails, edit their documents etc using their mobile. You can also read HTC Touch Pro 2 reviews to view the user opinions. The small keyboard of this handset will not be useful for these customers.

TV-out function is another important feature of these phones. This feature has made easy to present PowerPoint shows before the audience with the help of an output device like television or a projector. In simple words HTC Touch Pro 2 is made to offer all those which features which any user would require and no user of HTC Touch Pro 2 can feel jealous of other mobile phones. HTC Touch Pro 2 on Virgin will also be introduced soon. I am very impressed with the beautiful look and advanced features of this phone and so I and my friends are excited to get this phone.


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