htc touch pro 2 what more could you need

HTC-Touch-Pro-2HTC Touch Pro 2 on contract phone is one of the enhanced Windows Mobile devices that is available with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. There is also a big display in the mobile. This device is both bigger as well as heavier than the Touch Pro.

There is a display of 3.6" 800 x 480 pixel in the mobile. The mobile boasts of a big keyboard and there is available good spacing in between the keys in the device. This phone comes with a notable feature. This is known as "Straight Talk". It is a conference quality speaker phone that allows the phone to be used for conferencing.

HTC-Touch-Pro-2-BackThere are a good many HTC Touch Pro 2 review of the product in the market. At the back of the device is a 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone is also equipped with a host of other features such as GPS, multimedia player, and FM. The phone is also equipped with a touch-sensitive slider that has a zoom control.

The mobile measures 116 x 59 x 17mm and weighs 175 grams. It is a device that is loaded with a number of features and customers are waiting eagerly for the device to hit the market. The mobile is equipped with TouchFLO interface that facilitates better finger control. Consumers will be able to access HTC Touch Pro 2 on T-Mobile.

There is an 800 pixel display in the mobile that facilitates enhanced web browsing. The phone has a QWERTY keyboard that allows text input. It has been given out by the company that the device will be available this summer. The company has made no mention of the price of the device. Once the product hits the market there will be a number of mobile phone deals that will be available.


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