htc touch diamond 2 arrange your conversations

HTC-Touch-Diamond-2The brand new HTC Touch Diamond 2 is attractive with its extra brilliant looks. After thorough exploration of the product, I believe that the main attraction of this could be the intuitive controls. The main features of the phone that anyone will love to enjoy will be the arrangement of conversations by people instead of considering how you speak with these people. You can always look into your contacts and see the history of the conversation by means of the order in which they took place. The main point I want to highlight in this HTC Touch Diamond 2 reviewwill be the display without limits, while keeping the compact size unaffected. The wide screen display will make your enjoyment of images, videos and websites quite interesting and the minutest details will also be revealed with the help of the high resolution screen.

HTC-Touch-Diamond-2-HandThe mobile phone is expected to be available by next month and the launch happened in Barcelona last month. The expected price according to the HTC Touch Diamond 2 deals is £400. Online orders will be accepted and this will include the shipping price as well. The phone works on the Windows Mobile 6.1 professional. The connections expected to be supported by HTC Touch Diamond 2 on Virgin will be up to 7.2 Mb/s. I was quite surprised to see the way the mobile has been set up for the quad band GSM/GPRS as well as Edge. You will be able to enjoy a 5 Mp shooter.

The intimate conversations from voice to text will be laid in an organized manner. This makes viewing comfortable and easier with HTC touch diamond 2. This makes the communication appear in a tree diagram. The most indisputable fact which makes these sim free mobile phones interesting for users is the big screen with the small phone. It can always prove to be your best friend in business and when working with friends.


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