HTC Snap: Bringing Style and Practicality Back

HTC-Snap-FrontThe HTC Snap is part of a family of smartphones from HTC that targets mid-level professionals, mainstream consumers and executives alike. With the flexibility offered by the HTC Touch, it would surely be an indispensable companion to both new smartphone users and those who would like to try something other than HTC Snap’s executive cousin, the HTC Touch Diamond 2.

Stylish in black
If you’re unhappy with mini-phones like the absurdly small Hyundai MB 910, the HTC Snap won’t disappoint. Full-sized and lightweight, the HTC Snap is the perfect solution for those who want a substantially sized tool when communicating with business colleagues and family. The HTC Snap is encased in a sleek black body from front to back, top to tip. It can satisfy the taste for both the simple and the stylish. If you’re looking for a word for it, call it synergy. The HT Snap is a toned down version of the aggressively feature-packed HTC Touch Pro 2.
Operating system & processor
HTC-Snap-Front-and-BackThe HTC Snap operates with a flexible Windows Mobile operating system. Compared to other recent phones like the Nokia 6710 Navigator, HTC Snap’s 528 megahertz Qualcomm core seems a bit slow. But it has a lot of features that make up for the processor speed. For example, it has an engaging 2.4-inch resistive display, just enough for clear video streams and imaging. The HTC Snap also has a decent 256 mb ROM capacity and 192 megabytes for the random access memory. 192 megabytes is enough to run even 2 applications at the same time.
Connecting the Snap
HTC Snap is HSDPA/CDMA-enabled and has a download speed that can reach up to 7.2 Mbps during downloads. It can also connect to other basic data and communications services via Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE, operating at the following frequencies in Europe: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 megahertz.

For those who miss the Nokia’s Navi-Key, you’d be glad that the Snap has a trackball and a return key, as well. The Snap also has Bluetooth and is Wi-Fi capable, with an ExtUSB™ (11-pin port), a patented accessory from HTC.


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