HTC P3470: The Choice of Many!

HTC company launched a new phone in the March of 2008 and that is called is HTC P3470. This phone has had a good run and many phones have been sold from the shelves, thus we can safely say that this phone is a hit. But what are the reasons behind the success! Well, the company is offering HTC P3470 on contract and this has made the phone so very affordable that people are buying the handset in large numbers and to get a closer look at the phone do watch a HTC P3470 video review and you will get to know why this has been the customers choice. HTC P3470 is a 122 gm phone coming in 108 x 58.3 x 15.7 mm dimensions and a big 2.8 inch screen with TFT touchscreen and 65,000 colors with handwriting recognition feature.

This phone has a very large storehouse for the phonebook entries and is fitted with an inbuilt 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. This phone has an inbuilt GPS and has been ably supported by a GPRS and a Bluetooth feature for you to get connected to the internet. The phone can and is available in many carriers and HTC P3470 O2 form a great pair and this phone and the UK carrier O2’s connection is too good that they have become synonymous.

This phone comes in silver color and also has a 2 MP camera, which can also capture videos and in 1600 x 1200 pixels. The phone comes on a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional platform, so that you can always stay connected with your office work. But the advantages do not end here. This handset is being offered in the group of sim free mobile phones. Thus you can always shift yourself from one carrier to the other just like a hot knife shifts through butter. Thus the phone HTC P3470 is a complete entertainer but the only problem is that it does not have a 3G platform or any Wi-fi connection.


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