HTC Magic sales exceeds 1 million mark

htc-magic-1Google Android has been available for less than a year and is already proving to be hugely popular. The latest Android phone, the HTC Magic, has just exceeded one million sales worldwide. The HTC phone is the second Android phone to be released in the UK after the T-Mobile G1 which was also a very popular phone.

The sales figures come as good news to HTC as mobile phone sales have seen a marked decrease during the global economic downturn. Despite the overall decrease, however, smartphones seem to be doing well, with sales up by 27% from this time last year and the Android phones proving to be particularly popular. Reaching the one million mark after only a few months on the shelves the Magic has placed HTC ahead of their main rival handset the Palm Pre. Despite this, they both still lag far behind the much-hyped Apple iPhone in terms of sales, but HTC expect their smartphone sales to increase to 50 or 60% of their total phone sales. And if the popularity of Android is anything to go by, they might be right.

The open source OS is highly praised among its users with a wide internet fan base and also a large community of third-party software developers all working to make the Android OS an even greater experience. The popularity of Android phones like the HTC Magic has not gone unnoticed by other phone manufacturers, with Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola all planning to release their own Google phones in the near future.

HTC themselves are already looking to the future with the release of their highly anticipated HTC Hero that according to some market analysts should prove to be even more popular than its older sibling the Magic.


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