HTC announces Tattoo, rebranded Click

HTC TattooHTC has just officially announced it’s much talked about Click, which has now been renamed as the HTC Tattoo. The Tattoo promises to bring Android to a much wider audience by being one of the cheapest Android phones about, and certainly the cheapest yet to be released by HTC (who have so far released more Android phones than anyone else).

The Click was given the new name Tattoo reportedly due to its interchangeable covers, a feature that was quite common on mobile phones about 10 years ago but for some reason fell out of favour. While the majority of phones now only come in black or white, and sometimes one or two additional colours, the interchangeable covers are making a revival due to people’s memories of their polka dot and zebra skinned phones. Tattoo owners will be able to upload their own designs to an HTC portal for them to be turned into a cover for the phone. HTC claim the Tattoo will be more customisable by making use of HTC Sense on top of the Android OS, and it is the second phone from HTC to use this UI after the HTC Hero.

The features on the HTC Tattoo are not bad, falling into the low-to-mid range of features and are similar in nature to those found on the HTC Touch 3G. The Tattoo has a 528MHz Qualcomm processor and 256MB Ram making it speedy for its affordable price. It will also feature a 3.2 megapixel camera and while this will come with autofocus there is unfortunately no flash included.

HTC are sticking to their word of including 3.5mm audio jacks on all their phones after many people had complained about HTC’s proprietary sockets and the Tattoo’s internal storage can be upgraded through microSD. The Tattoo promises to make Android more affordable to a wider group of people and hopefully it will cause a rebirth in the trend of customisable phones that died out before its time. The HTC Tattoo will be released in the UK during October.


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