HTC announce standard headphones for future devices

HTCheadphoneHTC have been releasing some highly innovative smartphones over the last few months such as the Hero and the Magic. As with many other smartphones these devices act more like handheld multimedia machines than phones, with many people using them to listen to music while on the bus. HTC have received a lot of criticism for including much multimedia capability on their phones but still insisting on using non-standard proprietary headphones. This has left many customers angry that they are limited to a certain set of headphones that may not suit their tastes and are not as easy to purchase as standard headphones. Now HTC has made a decision to include 3.5mm sockets on all future phones.

“The vast majority of devices we launch after Hero will have a 3.5mm jack. Devices that we have already announced but that still come out after Hero will not necessarily be a part of this change,” stated an HTC spokesperson.

It is expected that some of the lower-end phones from HTC may also be excluded from this decision.

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