Gigabyte GSmart S1200: No More Plastic for Gigabyte

Gigabyte GSmart S1200 is one of the thinnest smart phones around, featuring a large touchscreen display, high resolution and lots of pixels for even the most demanding multimedia requirements. We have the GSmart division to thank for the S1200, and we’re happy that they’ve let other reviewers get a hold of this model prior to its actual release.
S1200 Features
Gigabyte-GSmart-S1200The Gigabyte GSmart S1200 packs a decent SmartZone user interface, which features a streamlined menu system for easy access to the system tools, multimedia applications, phone software and other user features. As for usability, the S1200 has a glare-resistive touchscreen and a central key below the touchscreen (similar to the function of the Navigation Key of Nokia mobile phones).
The phone is also thin enough to impress even the most the fickle of mobile phone users who avoid clunky models. On its own, the S1200 is only 11.4 millimeters thick. The resistive touchscreen display is 3.1 inches. What did Gigabyte have in mind when they designed the S1200? Actually, Gigabyte is appealing to non-smart phone userss who think smart phones lack the finesse and style of designer phones like the LG Crystal.
Processing speed
As for other phone specifications, we learned that the S1200 has been loaded with a Qualcomm processing core operating at 528 megahertz. If we compare it to the likes of the Acer F1, the S1200 is a slower smartphone, indeed. We’re hoping that future releases pack at least 800 megahertz.
Camera, storage & connectivity

If you’re feeling snap-happy with every new smartphone, you can definitely point and shoot with S1200’s 3-megapixel camera and its MicroSD card slot for extra storage (available internal storage is only 256 megabytes). The camera has also been equipped with an auto-focus feature. And yes, you can connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi, with speeds that can reach up to 7.2 megabits per second.


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