Exploring the Slim and Svelte Gigabyte GSmart S1200

With the amount of noise other smartphone manufacturers are creating, only a few mobile phones are worthy of a review. The Gigabyte GSmart S1200 is one of these new smartphones.
Built for extra storage
Gigabyte-GSmart-S1200One of the weak points of smartphones (including the iPhone and even the S1200) is the low internal storage. This is remedied in the S1200 with the help of a singular feature that solves all the storage problems: a MicroSD slot so you can expand the 256 mb they’ve included. Though 256 mb is enough for a few music and video files, it’s better to have a lot of storage to spare.
Executive smartphone
As a business phone, the Gigabyte GSmart is a sophisticated model, indeed. The S1200 is encased in a shiny silver frame, with a resistive front surface bound in subdued black. To add to the appearance is the decent computing speed of 512 megahertz, provided by a Qualcomm core processor.
But the S1200 can also be used for recreation; it has been installed with an autofocus camera, with a 3.0 megapixel CMOS sensor. For viewing of streaming videos and still shots, the S1200 uses a 3.1-inch display. Instead of directly pressing down on the resistive display, you simply have to ‘swipe’ to get to the part of the menu system that you need. A few swipes and you’re there.
The Gigabyte S1200 is capable of supporting both HSPA connections and Wi-Fi, making the S1200 a great choice if you’re working in a wireless Internet environment. Like the Blackberry Storm, you can use your smartphone as a mini-notebook. Like the iPhone, you can view your websites in full size and you can stream videos, as well.

Instead of a Symbian OS, the Gigabyte GSmart S1200 runs with a Windows Mobile™ 6.1 and has been pre-installed with Gigabyte’s GSmart division’s patented user interface, SmartZone UI.


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