Dell’s oPhone Might See UK

Dell oPhoneDell’s Android Mini i3 smartphone has been in and out of the mobile news for several months now, however it seems that the company’s venture into mobile phones is just about ready to make the move from China to the west.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it has been revealed to them that a US version of the Dell oPhone, otherwise known by its full name, the Mini i3, is set to turn up on the carrier AT&T; which many are speculating is only a stones throw away from the mobile phone showing up on the UK market.

The handset is running under the Android operating system, which, after being used by Google, is growing into quite the popular OS in the mobile phone world these days; just look at LG and Motorola’s latest smartphones.

With the Dell oPhone expected to show up in the US any time now, it is likely that come 2010 it will be available around the world. While this doesn’t guarantee the appearance of the handset on shelves in the UK is close, it does give us a very strong impression that it is the likely outcome – Dell have a big following here and will be looking to utilize that after the initial burst of sales in the US inevitably dies down.

The mobile phone was developed by Marvell and uses the company’s technology, which will be offered at a lower end price tag into most mobile markets and lack the additional cost for research and development we see on many handsets today.

While the mobile phone does not offer Wi Fi and only has a 3 mega pixel camera, it is enjoying a lot of hype and will likely enjoy a very warm welcome. We will update you on a release date as soon as one is announced.


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