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Everything Mobile: the Top Headlines

Monday, December 6th, 2010

3 UK has confirmed the prices for their iPad tariffs. While not that many people are now interested in Apple’s touch screen tablet (mostly due to the lack of Flash), the prices that 3 is offering will certainly make some think twice. The device is subsidized at a low price of 199 Pounds under a 25 Pound monthly tariff –which is great value considering the monthly allowance.

Of course, the MVNO is not the only one offering the 9.7 inch tablet. Tesco has also confirmed that they too have the iPad in stock and will be offering it on credit –making the device readily accessible. T-Mobile and Orange UK are also offering the iconic gadget as well.

Carphone Warehouse is not only offering the iPad tablet (they have it at 429 Pounds, SIM free), but they are also going to be exclusively selling the Nokia C6-01 Symbian smart phone. It’s a great dual combination of tablet and smart phone, which means that if you’ve got enough on your holiday spending budget, this might be a good choice, unless you are waiting for the iPad 2.

Apple is actually killing interest in the original iPad thanks to their official statement implying that the iPad 2 is already in the works. The device will be sporting a built in camera as well.

Speaking of Apple’s gadgets, a new app for the iPhone has been created allowing consumers to check if the products or brands they support practice humane measures for the production, packaging and shipping of their goods. The anti-slavery app acts quite similar to a green app (which informs buyers if the product has been produced by a green company).

If this is the future of consumerism –providing buyers with instant information that allows them to support products based on their principles, then smart phones are truly enabling our society to become better each day.

Today’s Mobile News Highlights

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Tesco has announced that the sales of mobile phones are expected to reach a fever pitch this coming holiday season. While there are plenty of people that will be shopping straight from retail stores, a vast majority of the sales will be coming from the internet: online shopping is fast becoming the new option for busy people –about 78% of total sales is expected to come directly through online buyers.

A new Tegra 2 Powered smart phone from LG is expected to appear at the upcoming Mobile World Congress: the LG Star. Aside from the fact that this is a full touch screen smart phone using the Android 2.2 OS with an HDMI output port, little else has been revealed about this new device from the Korean phone maker.

Gresso has announced that they are launching a new luxury smart phone: the Luxor. While this expensive device screams nothing but style and class, buyers should be reminded that the use of 200 year old African Blackwood on a phone that will probably not be used for more than a couple of years is definitely not encouraged.

Orange and T-Mobile UK’s offer for the Apple iPad is impressive and hard to match. Everything Everywhere currently offers one of the best deals for the touch screen tablet –a feature that is only matched by 3 UK, which currently holds the post for having the best options for Apple iPhone 4 and iPad buyers.

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that the XPERIA X8 will finally be getting an update to the Android 2.1 Éclair. Not quite the impressive Flash 10.1 capable Froyo update that we have been waiting for, but this is still a great bit of news for this 1.6 Donut handset.

Images of what appears to be the Nokia N00 has been spotted online, plenty of speculations about this supposedly MeeGo OS powered device has sprouted up. With the N9 nowhere in sight, we doubt that the N00 will be coming out anytime soon.

Android Happiness on T-Mobile UK

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The biggest problem with smart phones is that they never really fit a person’s active lifestyle. Sure, the devices are pretty much well rounded when it comes to features and functionality, but touch screen phones are simply not the kind of gadgets you would want to have in your pocket if you intend to go out and do some heavy lifting or other strenuous activities.

And considering how hard it is to be without a smart phone these days, it is easy to get stuck on deciding what to do. Fortunately, Motorola seems to have made the first step towards a real answer: the world’s first touch Android. Sure, we have all heard of tough phones (especially those from Sonim), but the Motorola Defy takes things one step further: this is an Android smart phone with a capacitive touch screen display. Add in the fact that the display is protected by Gorilla glass, and packs IP67 certification against minor shocks, liquids and dust.

If you already have an Android phone, then T-Mobile has something else to offer: the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab. The device might sound like another touch screen smart phone to you, but in reality, this is actually a 7 inch touch screen tablet. Loaded with plenty of Google’s best web features, camera and an impressive visual display, the Galaxy Tab is the perfect device when it comes to browsing and media playback in the home environment.

It is quick, stable and easy to use. Best of all, the web browser supports Flash –a feature that rival Apple iPad cannot handle. HTML5 is expected to be a supported feature when Android 3.0 Gingerbread comes out next year. In the meanwhile, the current Galaxy Tab makes use of the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.

Interested buyers can now register on T-Mobile to avail of the devices when they launch in November.

Network Watch: Windows Phone 7 Devices

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Many would know the basic facts about the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform by now, and considering the vast number of leaks and rumors that have circulated in the past couple of months, the specs and other important details about the new WP7 handsets are no longer that surprising.

But knowing where all these new phones are –that is the big question of the week. These new WP7 handsets are due to be released by October 22, and here’s a quick rundown of the various networks and all the phones they offer.

Mobile virtual network operator 3 UK has actually managed to snag a couple of handsets. The Dell Venue Pro, which has been renamed from Dell Lightning, is confirmed to be heading to the network. The QWERTY keyboard toting handset is going to be an interesting choice for buyers.

Samsung’s Omnia 7 is also heading to 3 UK which means that this super AMOLED touch screen smart phone will serve as the main media centric WP7 handset under 3 UK.

Vodafone UK has got two major handsets under their flag. LG’s Optimus 7 and HTC 7 Trophy will both be heading towards the UK network operator. The Trophy seems like an interesting choice over the Optimus 7 –simply because it is an HTC device. The addition of HD video and SRS surround also makes it a compelling media playback device.

O2 will be offering the HTC HD7. While initial reports indicate that there might be some sort of exclusivity going on, no specific details have been confirmed. O2 has priced the handset at 379 GPB on a pay as you go scheme; the device is also being offered on a wide range of 2 year tariffs.

Lastly, Orange Mobile UK will be offering the HTC Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 (aside from 3 and Orange, the Omnia will be out on T-Mobile as well). The Mozart’s 8 mega pixel snapper and Xenon flash technology is certainly getting plenty of attention for those who love their camera phones.

T-Mobile Offers Two New Android Phones

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10Just a few days ahead of schedule, T-Mobile is now offering its customers the new Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and the HTC Desire smart phones. The devices are already available on plans and will be ready to ship in a matter of days. With many initial reports placing the two phones at an early to mid April launch, this is certainly a welcome bit of news.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 is the company’s Android device for the high-end market range. The phone is expected to set buyer back by several hundred GBP, but with T-Mobile’s plans, expect to see some pretty good deals for this phone.

This Snapdragon powered smart phone comes not only with Android 1.6 Donut, but also with some Sony-exclusive features such as the Mediascape and Timescape tools –social networking enthusiasts would love the Timescape for its’ simple, yet stylish method for organizing message archives.  The device also comes with an 8 mega pixel camera and a 4 inch capacitive touch screen display.

The HTC Desire was originally announced last year as the HTC Bravo. The phone is the very first HTC Android smart phone to use the Snapdragon processor (the HTC HD2 is a Windows Mobile device) and it has very similar specifications to the Google phone, Nexus One. Many are already considering the Desire to be the perfect alternative to the Nexus as the Google device is only available online.

This smart phone comes with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor for fast loading speeds and running heavy apps. It also comes with a 5 mega pixel camera complete with led flash, autofocus and 720p video recording. The screen for the Desire is a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen which delivers great colors and accurate touch controls.

Find out more about the two new Android devices at GSM Arena.

T-Mobile Pulse: A Decent Buy

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

t-pulseThe new T-Mobile Pulse is a decent offer from T-Mobile. It is not the prettiest or the most functionally relevant smartphone in the market today but it does offer enough features and applications to at least merit some consideration when choosing what mobile phone to buy.

The Design

This is a mobile phone that comes in the block form factor. It has a body that measures 16.0 x 63.0 x 13.5 mm, with a weight of 135 grams. It also comes with a 3.5-inch, TFT capacitive touchscreen (320 x 480 pixels), with the ability to display over 16 million colors and comes with the multi-touch input method. It also has a trackball and dedicated keys right at the bottom of the touchscreen that helps in navigating and managing the Android v1.5 system.

Its Functionality

As for the functions, it has three features that set it apart (or at least place it at the same level) from other mobile phones. First, it has the Media Center, which one can use to manage one’s media files and play them using this handheld device. Second, it has the MyCommunity service that allows users to keep constant track of their contacts and keeping them in sync. Finally, it comes with access to a whole range of Google services, which adds a little fun and functionality into the mix.

Apart from these three, it has a microSD card (TransFlash), a 3.5mm audio jack, a simple email support and instant messaging capabilities. It also features a 3.2-MP camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth Connectivity as well as other features typical of budget smartphones.

The Verdict

All in all, this offer from T-Mobile will not be seen as much of a threat to the sales of the high-end smartphones. It does not match up with them in terms of functions and design. It will however appeal to the section of the market that is looking for a bargain; and if ever they do decide to get this mobile, they will be pleasantly surprised by its decent offerings.

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Android 1.6 “Donut” Update

Monday, October 5th, 2009

AndroidIf you own a T Mobile G1 or a myTouch 3G you will be pleased to know that you will be getting your own version of Android 1.6 Donut distributed to you right now. It has quite a few new features as well as software enhancements and the standard bug fixes one expects to find in any update.

Android 1.6, or “Donut”, is expected to improve almost every single aspect of your mobile phones performance. To begin with, the Android market has been reorganized to make it easier for you to find whichever application you are looking for – although a small change, it will make a big difference to plenty of users.

We love the quick search box, which has an intuitive self learning search algorithm built in now. Plus you will also be able to enjoy the new battery level indicator, which is now able to give information on how much power each individual process consumes; very neat.

As some of you may already know the camera has been tweaked in the new 1.6; the time it takes to start up has been lessened by 39%, while the time in between taking photos has been sped up by 28%. You will also now be able to select multiple photos in the gallery and mark them all for deletion.

One other new feature that will excite a few of you is the new VPN, or Virtual Private Network, control panel, (which can be found under Settings,) and will allow you to easily set up and connect to a VPN.

Those of you who aren’t yet set to get an update should check back in – it’s only a matter of time.

T-Mobile Pulse: A Typical Smartphone

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

t-pulseThe new T-Mobile Pulse is, at best, a normal smartphone, one that will neither excite you nor push you away. That being said, sometimes, being typical is not all bad; people will still go out and give you a try, especially when you come with a decent price.

The Design

This new offer is a block phone and comes with a body that measures 116.0 x 63.0 x 13.5 mm body that weighs 135 grams. It also features a 3.50 inch, capacitive touchscreen (320 x 480 pixels) that can display 16 million colors and has a multi-touch input method. Its touchscreen also puts to good use an accelerometer sensor and also features a tactile trackball that help in the navigation of the system. As a whole, the design of this mobile phone is plain, looking more like a lower quality Iphone than anything else.

Its Functionality

As for its functions, this smartphone runs on the Andriod 1.5 platform and also features the Media Center and MyCommunity services; the first Android smartphone to do so. The Media Center provides an avenue to users for managing their media while the MyCommunity allows him/her to manage their contacts. It also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, microSD slot, email support, GPS capabilities, instant messaging support, Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi access. It also comes with a standard 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera.

The Verdict

Suffice it to say there is nothing really special with this new offer from T-Mobile. It is a normal smartphone that has a simple design and average functionality. What makes it marginally attractive is the fact that it comes at a price that is lower than the average smartphone and that should attract some people looking for a bargain. If you are looking for a bargain, then this is where you should start looking, if; however, you are looking for a beautiful, functionally packed smartphone, look somewhere else.

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T-Mobile G2 Touch

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

tmobile g2

T-Mobile G2 Touch is the third smartphone from the Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation using Google’s Android platform.  Orange UK already had it launched in the country earlier with the HTC Hero.  The two actually refers to the same phone, just using a different branding each.  Having said that, the T-Mobile’s version comes with some degree of customization for the carrier.  It’s a specially tweaked User Interface from HTC’s “Sense” feature.

Stunning Feature Set

Being HTC’s third mobile phone to run on Google’s Android platform promises to make the G2 Touch the best and nicest mobile phone in the company’s Android home.  UK fans of HTC smartphones are sure to find this out as it is offered from two of its mobile phone carriers.   Looking at its spec sheets, here are some of the highlights.

  • The T-Mobile G2 is basically a quad band GSM and a dual band UMTS supporting 3G/HSDAP/HSUPA for high speed surfing and downloading over the net.
  • It runs on a powerful Qualcomm engine at 528MHz with a generous 512MB/288MB ROM/RAM that you can expand to 32GB form its microSD slot.
  • It sports a 3.2-inch TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen that displays 65k colors on a QVGA resolution.
  • Includes internal Global Positioning System
  • It’s got  Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR with A2DP for wireless headphones
  • Runs 802.11b/g WiFi.
  • There’s its usual nod to the required cameras in mobile phones with a 5.0 megapixel resolution and  auto-focus
  • And it has the industry-standard 3.5mm audio jack so you can use high-fidelity earphones


The T-Mobile G2 Touch’s main appeal centers on its unique user interface and proprietary Sense feature that allows a new level of personalization never before possible. This is definitely a full-featured high end HTC phone that can give the mainstream players a good fight.  The UK market now has a choice spelled out between Orange and T-mobile.

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T-Mobile G2 Touch

Friday, September 11th, 2009

tmobile g2Just in case anybody’s wondering what it is, let’s be clear that the G2 Touch is the T-Mobile name for the HTC Hero in the UK.  So for all practical intents and purposes, the two names refer to the same mobile phone and are now available online and in mobile phone stores throughout the isle.

Winning features

This is HTC’s third and latest Android handset to hit the smartphone market.  It’s a rather handsome piece of work from the Taiwanese mobile phone maker, sporting a signature chin on the body’s bottom to make it stand out among the many touchscreen smartphones out there.  It comes in two colors, each going to separate carriers in the UK.  Orange has it exclusively in the graphite color, whereas T-Mobile has it in white/Silver that they’ve branded as G2 Touch.

As a smartphone, the T-Mobile G2 Touch offers flagship features we’ve come to take for granted on a high-end mobile phone.  Its 3.2” QVGA capacitive touch screen is quite capable at 65k color depth.  It’s got a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, a capable multimedia player with video recording, 3G and high speed data connectivity support for HSDPA/HSUPA, a built-in GPS receiver and a generous 512 MB internal memory you can expanding to a whopping 32GB using microSD memory cards.

Making Great “Sense”

We could go on with many of its features that are basically standard for many high-end mobile phones. But what really sets the G2 Touch apart from all the rest is its HTC-tweaked UI and its Sense feature.  This essentially pushes the envelope in customizing and personalizing your mobile phone.  Now whether it’s a winning feature or not, the UK market can decide as it will have its taste on this exciting new smartphone from HTC.  They will have a choice between Orange and T-Mobile for that.

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