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The Tougher Tough Phone: Sonim XP1300

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Mobile phone manufacturer Sonim loves to make their mobile devices pretty heavy duty. By heavy duty, we mean shock and water resistant and dust proof as well. Now that is not just a marketing blurb. Sonim has actually gotten an IP68 rating just to show the world how serious they are about the toughness of their mobile phones.

This may sound a little extreme, but when one thinks about all the hardships and torture that a typical handset will go through in about two years of regular use, then you appreciate getting all that extra padding. While no one would actually dip a phone under a meter of water, exposure to rain, the occasional spillage and even sudden changes in humidity will result in having water in a handset –often with not-so-nice results.

Dust is an even more common problem. Exposure to sand and various powder-like substances may not seem like much, but on a continued basis, it will affect a mobile phone. As for shock, well that goes without saying. Anyone who has accidentally bumped their bag into a turnstile before realizing that their phone is in the front pocket –absorbing most of the impact, would easily see how easy it is roughing up a typical mobile device.

The new Sonim XP1300 is the latest in Sonim’s lineup of really tough mobile phones. It can handle being dipped in 2 metres of water for about half an hour, and has enough Gorilla glass protecting the device to help it survive being dropped from a height of about 2 metres.

Of course, with all the protection comes less functionality. Once again, this handset is a standard 2G device with basic calling and texting features. It does have a nice media player that can handle music and video content as well as a better microphone and speaker.

How Much Torture Should Phones Endure?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

There are some things that are simply not meant to be abused. Take HDTVs for example. Unlike regular television sets that you can easily toss into the back of a van, the HDTV needs to be transported a lot more carefully. The same goes for many smart phones. While regular candy bar handsets would not mind being knocked aside a few times, the same cannot be said for touch screen devices with large, fragile displays.

Sure there are cases and scratch proof surfaces that are used, but these devices can only bear with so much wear and tear. Of course, buyers are meant to take care of their phones –these are never really meant to be subjected to harsh environments in the first place.

But the functionality of the handset is not something that can be spared regardless of the situation and in times or locations when the regular mobile phone simply will not survive, there is the Sonim XP1300.

What makes the XP1300 impressive is how tough it is. The phone packs a solid casing that will stand drops of up to about 2 meters high –enough to crack apart the average smart phone. Granted that the XP1300 is a 2G device, the argument stands that gaming apps will see only a little purpose during times of emergency; though opposite situation also stands.

For the standard phone user, the Sonim XP1300 is not a good choice. Sure it is tough, but when the roughest pat of the day is standing near the copier waiting for the latest prints to finish, then the extra protection is pretty much wasted.

But when you are on the road, hiking, or on the beach a lot, then you might want to consider investing in this super tough device. Currently, the XP1300 has an IP68 rating making it shock resistant, water resistant (up to a meter for 30 minutes) and completely dustproof.

Sonim’s Land Rover S1 is Not as Tough as We Think

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Sonim Land Rover S1Okay, before I continue, let me point out that before this phone finally fizzled out, the folks at Mobile Choice UK tested the Sonim Land Rover S1 by putting this device in a freezer for an hour and literally baked the phone in an oven. Now, personally, any device that survives that kind of torture is worth praising.

Still, nobody accidentally bakes their phone either. The Sonim Land Rover S1 failed its water soaking test and impact test. Again, to clarify, the device was soaked in a vase full of water for almost thirty minutes. Sonim states that the phone can withstand being submerged under a meter deep of water, but they never said how long.

The camera also cracked when the phone was run over by a fire truck. Well, run a fire truck over any electronic device and no matter tough it is, it will break. The Land Rover S1 initially survived its water submersion test; but when it was subjected to the fire truck the following day, the device finally broke down due to water condensation.

Personally, I would have liked to see this test in a more controlled environment, and hopefully, with more phones. But that would be a waste of good devices. I am pretty sure that the Land Rover S1 can withstand some pretty serious impacts after seeing the body take the partial weight of a truck.

The video is fun to watch but a little long at some points so you might want to skip some of the pauses; but all in all, it gives you an idea at how tough the Land Rover S1 can be. Well, given that the device did eventually break down after such extreme testing; we can safely assume that it should withstand the average wear and tear that our devices go through.