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Alcatel Tribe Available For Only £50

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Alcatel TribeAlcatel’s latest mobile phone handset, the Alcatel Tribe, doesn’t have the kind of expensive, trendy look that makes us go “Wow!” but it does have some pretty nice qualities just the same – especially when it comes to the mobile messaging market.

The Alcatel Tribe doesn’t have some ridiculously impressive camera or a high powered operating system; but it does have a very attractive price tag. The mobile phone only costs £50 – and that is without having to sign up to any kind of contract, which, at the current moment in time, makes it less expensive than every other mobile messaging focussed handset out there.

For a meagre £50 you will have a full QWERTY keyboard, a brightly coloured screen, a music player and web based widgets for your news and weather. There’s also a neat little scroll wheel on one side oh the phone to let you scroll through your messages and menus, as well as a slot for an SD card, which can hold any card up to 4GB, letting users easily store plenty of music and other digital media on their Tribe handset.

Tesco Mobile will be selling the phone at the end of the month and even if you aren’t amazed by its features it is going to be hard to argue that the price isn’t right. Even though it doesn’t have a slick and impressive body, it still has the full QWERTY keyboard in its favour as a budget mobile phone – and by comparing it to many low priced handset models these days that look as though they are at least 5 years old, you are likely to find the Tribe is easily the best value.