Forward Calls And Texts To Your BlackBerry

BlackBerryMelon Mobile, (formerly WebGate JSC,) have just created the Advanced Forwarder lets users forward their received phone calls and text messages to any other mobile phone or landline phone. The idea is that plenty of people forget their BlackBerry mobile phone at home sometimes, and that when they do they might risk missing an important phone call – to help the situation, Melon Mobile have created an app that will let you set up the forwarding process remotely, from wherever you are. The Advanced Forwarder app is able to be activated both locally from the app itself, or by sending a text message command back to your BlackBerry from any other phone. The user has the choice of forwarding just text messages, just phone calls, or both.

The app is compatible with all BlackBerry mobile phones using the BlackBerry operating system version 4.2.1 and up. These handsets include, but aren’t limited to, the BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Bold, Pearl, Curve as well as the 88xx line. The app is also compatible with both CDMA and GSM mobile networks, although obviously how it performs will vary slightly. After you have downloaded and installed the Advanced Forwarder app on your BlackBerry you will need to set up your permissions – this way you can remotely activate the diverting of your calls and texts; you will need to know a few commands, but these can easily be found in the application’s manual.

Those of you interested in trying out the app can get a fully functioning trial version, which is limited to 30 forwarded phone calls or text messages. The full version of the software is available for US $19.90.


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