Early August Release for BlackBerry Curve 8520

BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone_360Research in Motion (RIM), manufacturers of the popular and stylish BlackBerry phones, have announced that their new Curve 8520 will be released in the UK in early August. The Curve 8520 follows on from the Curve 8320 that was released two years ago but does not really offer much in the way of improvement. The Curve 8520 is intended to be an entry-level BlackBerry device that RIM hope will bring the BlackBerry experience to more people by being more affordable.

The Curve 8520 does not have a fantastic screen especially when compared to some of the gargantuan touch screen devices around, with just a 2.64” landscape 65k colour TFT display. This is adequate for all you would need a BlackBerry for, as RIM essentially focus their devices on the messaging market, but is not quite as crystal clear and high resolution as some RIM press release photos would lead you to believe. The camera is a bit of a let-down as well with just 2 megapixels and no flash and seems more like an afterthought rather than a genuine feature.

Good news for Apple fans, the Curve 8520 is the first BlackBerry device to offer Mac support and syncs with Apple iTunes right out of the box. There is also access to BlackBerry’s App World that allows you to download many great third party applications to augment your BlackBerry experience. Facebook and MySpace apps are included with the phone as standard, so straight away you can be using these popular social networking sites from your phone. As an entry level phone however, RIM have not included 3G support and have reduced the EDGE speed of the Curve 8520. Although the Curve supports WiFi it means the device is not quite as easily connectable when you are out and about, which is a shame.

RIM have done what they have set out to do, which is to strip away some of the more expensive features and specifications to produce a more affordable BlackBerry handset and if this is what you are after the Curve 8520 may be a phone to consider. However this is not the best BlackBerry phone by a long shot.


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