BlackBerry Storm 2 to include Wi-Fi

BlackBerry-Storm-2-Vodafone-4BlackBerry released their flagship touchscreen device the Storm almost a year ago now, and despite some teething trouble during the initial launch it went on to be a very popular handset. Intended as BlackBerry’s answer to the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre the Storm featured RIM’s very own Surepress touchscreen technology. There were mixed feelings about this technology among users of the Storm but many of its critics may be happy to learn that BlackBerry’s upcoming successor, the Storm 2, will depart from this technology towards a more favoured capacitive screen.

This is RIM’s choice for the time being as future devices will see yet another change in touchscreen technology. Recent reports indicate that RIM have just patented a capacitive-resistive hybrid that may be a key feature on future BlackBerry touchscreens.

While the Storm proved to be quite popular there were some minor problems with it on its launch. Many of these were to do with the Surepress interface that at times was sluggish or glitch, but another pet peeve among users of the Storm was the omission of Wi-Fi support. For a phone of the Storm’s intended calibre Wi-Fi is somewhat of an essential feature105393_stormwifi and it is quite surprising that the Storm still went on to be a very popular handset without it.

Leaked photos circulating the internet now suggest that RIM have been paying attention to critics and that the upcoming Storm 2 will indeed feature Wi-Fi support. This addition and the change away from the problematic Surepress to a more reliable and responsive capacitive interface should go down well with BlackBerry users and silence some of the criticism meted out against RIM with their original Storm. Vodafone are rumoured to be the official carriers of the Storm 2 in the UK and the word on the street is that they intend to release the handset sometime in October although this has not been confirmed.

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