BlackBerry Storm 2 Pricing Revealed

BlackBerry Storm 2The BlackBerry Storm 2, which is expected to be launched by RIM and Vodafone in the UK this week, will be free on a two year contract, which comes at a price of £35 per month.

The price was being widely reported as £30 per month up until now, however this appears to have been incorrect.

The impressive BlackBerry Storm 2 will arrive exclusively on Vodafone, and has some vast improvements over its predecessor, the original Storm, including an improved SurePress screen as well as more accurate text input – which we are happy to hear as that was the biggest fault we found with the original handset.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 also has a 3.25 inch LCG touch screen display with the same resolution as the HTC Magic mobile phone, and a 3.2 mega pixel camera, although it lacks flash, it does have auto focus as well as image stabilisation.

The handset will also boast improved software, with RIM hoping to make this mobile phone one of its most outstanding products for the year, as well as prove that it is capable of making a high quality touch screen device.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 will of course include Wi Fi, unlike the original Storm which only had 3G, and boasts a high quality 1400 mAh battery, along with 256 MB of flash memory.

What we really like is how the appearance of the Storm 2 has been changed and improved thanks to a slicker chassis, hard keys within the touch screen as well as a chrome ring encircling the casing.

It is thought that the £35 per month plan will come with unlimited internet as well as a good number of texts and 500 or 600 minutes, based on the original Storm’s plan options.


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