BlackBerry Storm 2 Overview

BlackBerry Storm 2The BlackBerry Storm 2 is the younger and better looking brother of the original Storm handset, which was released last year. The looks are very similar, but when you hold the device and really get a feel for it the difference is surprisingly noticeable – however the technical specifications remain largely similar to the original.

Really, it seems that the Storm 2 is basically a do over attempt for BlackBerry – a seconds chance at launching what should really be called the Storm 1.5; it is better, and up to the standards we’d expect, but it isn’t an entirely new mobile phone – it feels a whole lot more like a firmware upgrade to us.

The device has luckily fixed the many bugs that plagued the original Storm mobile phone, bugs which made many critics call it “the worst phone of the year” in 2008. The first handset also lacked Wi Fi, which was by far the biggest disappointment to consumers. It still sold well in the United States, (we have no idea,) and so perhaps RIM (Research In Motion) are onto something with the improved Storm 2.

The software has been improved, and the touch screen is much more natural and easy to use than the of the first Storm, which was the company’s first touch screen handset – as well as the obvious addition of support for Wi Fi connectivity.

The memory is another plus, now a respectable 2 GB with the option to expand up to 16 GB using a microSD card.

While the rest of the Storm 2’s specs are largely like those of its predecessor, it does look like a second chance we’d be willing to take; even given the original’s dismal failure.


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