Blackberry 9300 Gemini: Faster, Bigger & Brighter

Everyone was excited when the Blackberry Storm came out. But how can the developers of Blackberry keep the excitement level up with the successive releases they’ve done these past months? Well, they’ve kept the fire of interest burning with the news of the Blackberry 9300 Gemini. While the developers of Blackberry have yet to show actual shots of even a prototype of the Blackberry 9300 Gemini, mock-ups have emerged.
Blackberry-9300-GeminiTrue to the trend started by the likes of Apple’s own iPhone, TG01 and other smart phones, it has been confirmed that the Blackberry 9300 Gemini would have a faster processor and an even larger display. For fans of the Blackberry saga of mobile phones even before Android and Symbian mobile phones came, here’s a bit of good news: the 9300 Gemini would have a QWERTY keypad and rounder keys.
To compare with other Blackberry mobile phones, visit earlier reviews of this pipeline prototype. We have learned that the Blackberry 9300 Gemini has been installed with a faster processor. We’re hoping it pegs at least 1000 megahertz of computing power; if not, 800 megahertz is a fair deal already. If the Blackberry 9300 is an upgraded Blackberry Curve 8320, then we’re fairly sure that the UK market would be happier with the Blackberry brands.
Gemini’s connectivity

The Gemini connects via HSDPA and UMTS. Of course, this Blackberry would have 3G capabilities, and can connect with GSM (for basic communications features), GPRS and even EDGE. There still hasn’t been any news when this model was going to be released. But if we were to follow the trend of mobile phone releases, it’s possible that by next year we would finally glimpse something out of the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can check out other units like the variant of the Flip model from Blackberry: the Blackberry Apex. If you’ve seen the Apex and didn’t like it, you can explore the features of the Blackberry Niagara, instead.


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