Working Hard and Playing Harder with the New Asus P835

Asus-P835-FrontWhen it comes to perfectionism, Asus has never been left behind (at least we can say that now). A case in point is the new Web-browsing mobile phone Asus P835, which will be offered by Providers such as O2 once it’s released.
The new offering from Asus which is due to be released in the United Kingdom offers a unique experience to users who disdain at using mobile phones that look like mini-computers already (such as the expensive iPhone).
Get ready for Asus P835 deals because they’re offering free gifts to buyers, such as Sony PSP, cashback, iPod Touch and Microsoft Xbox 360. The Asus P835 has a viable 3.5 inch screen with touch-screen capability, increasing the functionality and making first-time users more comfortable at exploring the applications and structure of the phone.
According to Asus P835 reviews, the new gadget is one of the best handlers of varied file types, including documents and music and has the biggest display among the smart phones. So there’s more chance of serious work (productivity) and play for the users. Who says a professional can’t have fun with an efficient business tool?
Technical specifications
Asus P835Upcoming ASUS P835 contracts are geared to make your experience of the Asus P835 more fun, with more flexibility for your finances. In the meantime, let’s look at the capabilities. The new P835 runs on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1™ Professional, and comes in a sleek black form. The critical dimensions of this product are 115 x 59 x 13.8 mm, making it one of the most portable and slim phones around.
The combined weight of the phone and battery is just 148 grams. If fully charged, the phone can remain active for more than three hundred forty hours. If 2G capability is switched on, the figure is slightly reduced to exactly three hundred hours.
The phone is capable of:
  • normal short message services
  • video and picture messaging
  • electronic mail
  • Push electronic mail
  • MSN

Running on a tough lithium ion battery (1100 mAH), this mobile phone can be used with AGPS. The phone also features a somewhat satisfying 5 megapixels (a bit disappointing, given cheaper phones have more than 8) and can support varied picture formats from PNG to bitmap to good old JPEG.


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