Upgrade To Apple iPhone 3G S With New Features

Apple-iPhone-3G-SThere was a high level of excitement and publicity in the announcement of the first iPhone from Apple, but the device was not perfect, especially its capabilities in 3G. It is not very easy to crack, the wireless industry and the first iPhone found several dissatisfied mobile phone users. With Apple iPhone 3G S, the company hopes to do much better. With the 3G network compatibility the iPhone has been welcomed around the globe, especially after decreasing the price of the mobile phone drastically to around 170 pounds. If you compare the iPhone 3G and the new iPhone 3G S, you will not see much difference externally, except for writing on the rear, which is emulated as the Apple logo.
You will not have any difficulty in identifying the handset with its regular three and a half inch display and a high quality, bright resolution. On the other hand the back of the mobile phone has been designed in white or black plastic, in place of the stylish aluminum matte. This makes the device look more balanced. It was essential for Apple to shift to plastic, with the latest iPhone having numerous frequency and antenna requirements. It is true that the original aluminum finish was great but the plastic which has been used is very strong and not flimsy, like you see in several other mobile phones. It may have looked better in the matte finish but the glossy plastic finish is also all right.
One can say that iPhone 3G S has delivered all that it promised. The battery of the earlier models sometimes depleted in just a day, but iPhone 3G S battery has a better life and the software of the mobile phone is also faster. It is true that iPhone 3G S is not big a leap like the one made from the from the earliest generation iPhone model, this latest mobile phone from Apple will still compel many to upgrade their handsets.

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