Spotify iPhone App?

apple_iphonespotifySpotify, the popular internet streaming music radio service, has designed an application specifically for the iPhone with hopes that it will revolutionise mobile phone music. Apple are still debating whether to allow the app, which has been dubbed the ‘iTunes killer’, which will allow the streaming and playback of over 6 million songs.

Spotify was launched earlier this year and has gone from strength to strength and now has nearly 2 million users in the UK alone. Spotify are able to bypass copyright concerns by generating revenue through advertising and monthly fees. Basic users will have short advertisements interspersed between their songs from time to time, but for £9.99 can be upgraded to a premium account that removes this advertising. The planned app for the iPhone would only be available for premium users and would allow the iPhone to store playlists allowing you to listen to music when not connected to the online service.

Apple are currently in the process of reviewing the app and many suspect it may be rejected due to its potential to take custom away from Apple’s own iTunes service. Apple have already been refusing Google apps left, right and centre as they do not want one of their main competitors cashing in on the iPhone craze. Google, developers of the Android OS that looks set to make its place as the mobile OS of choice, have been turned down for their Google Voice and Google Latitudes apps that did not meet Apple’s vague and ambiguous terms and conditions.

Spotify is already available on the PC and Mac and in the short time it has been active has already won over 2 million regular users, but industry analysts are sceptical about whether their app will be approved by Apple. Due to the serious threat it poses to one of Apple’s most prized products and Apple’s history of rejecting apps from companies that compete with their own services it is likely that the revolutionary Swedish radio service will be denied the right to distribute to the Apple App Store. The decision is likely to be announced in the coming weeks.


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