Spotify approved by Apple

apple_iphonespotifyApple has shocked many cynics by allowing the release of the Spotify app for the iPhone which many had thought would be refused. Apple has a history of refusing apps that ‘duplicate iPhone functionality.’ In other words, apps that provide functionality that their own services deliver.

This uncompetitive attitude by Apple had been gaining much attention across the mobile phone community who had been quite critical of their behaviour. As Apple had refused the release of many Google apps that have proved to be very popular on other phones, many had argued that Apple’s attitude was actually reducing the quality of experience for iPhone users who were missing out on these services.

To be able to sell an app in the Apple App Store, or even provide it for free, it must first be approved by Apple. They claim this is so they can ensure that no malicious or bad quality content makes its way onto people’s iPhones, but others believe it is so Apple can prevent their competitors providing alternatives to their own apps.

This is very much the reason many people expected Apple to refuse Spotify, as it will provide a heavy dose of competition to Apple iTunes. While users of iTunes must pay a fee per track, Spotify users will be able to download virtually limitless amounts of music for a fixed monthly fee. The cynics argue that the only reason Apple have allowed the Spotify app, which will pose such a threat to iTunes, is due to the growing awareness of Apple’s control over the App Store and their uncompetitive behaviour in regards to it.

Spotify has grown in popularity since it was released for home computers earlier this year, and although PC users are able to listen to free content (with occasional adverts) this feature will not be available on the iPhone and users who wish to see what all the fuss is about will have to pay the monthly fee.

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