Rage – Coming To A Phone Near You

jude_law_rage_cropRage is going to be the first feature film of all time to be premiered on mobile phones around the world; it will be distributed at no charge exclusively to the handsets of, well, anyone who wants it!

The download of Rage will come in seven different parts, (which is probably a good thing as an interruption at 95% of the download would make a lot of us want to smash our handsets,) and has an impressively star studded cast, featuring the fabulous Jude Law, Eddie Izzard and Steve Buscemi, and directed by Sally Potter.

Snippets of the movie has already been available for a week to anyone lucky enough to use an iPhone, but it is now experiencing its full length mobile phone premiere thanks to IPTV platform, Babelgum.

The film makers are promoting Rage as the “first feature film to premiere exclusively on mobile phones”, which is incredibly innovative; this may very well be remembered and talked about 20 years from now when the next generation think watching movies on their phones is “old fashioned”.

Talking about the mobile format, they describe it as something that “links directly to Sally Potter’s vision for the film, as Rage tells the behind the scenes story of a crisis at a New York fashion house through a series of intimate interviews, as if shot by a schoolboy on his mobile phone over a seven day period.”

We’re excited by the whole concept, especially because the premiere is focussed around us media centric types; the movie is going to be available for free online as well as on your mobile phone handset – but can also be seen at the cinema and on DVD.

If you want to find out more about the innovation in film that is “Rage”, visit www.ragethemovie.com/mobile.

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