Orange To Offer iPhone To UK

iPhone OrangeMobile phone users in the UK are set to have a new choice when it comes to networks now that Orange has revealed plans to start selling the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS later this year.

Up until now the iPhone was only available on the O2 carrier, which has been Apple‘s exclusive partner since November 2007, when the iPhone originally launched. Of course, Carphone Warehouse sold the handset itself too, but when it came to an actual service provider, O2 was the only available option.

Now Orange, who claims to have the biggest 3G network in the country, will be selling the iPhone in its stores, on its website and using telesales as well as through select partners. As yet, no pricing has been announced, but we aren’t expecting Orange to be much cheaper than O2. In most countries where multiple networks are an option prices have always tended to remain relatively close.

The benefits to Apple of a second carrier becoming available in the United Kingdom are obvious; they now have an audience of customers who didn’t previously buy the iPhone because they preferred their own network over O2; meaning they potentially have the attention of every Orange user who has ever considered buying an iPhone before – that’s a pretty big market, and will likely be a fair source of revenue.

It has been announced that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will be available in the UK on the Orange network mid October this year – so although there are no current plans to make it available on T Mobile or Vodafone in the UK, there will now be at least some choice for consumers.

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