O2 Pairs Up With Phones4U

O2 LogoO2 has paired up with Phones4U, it was just announced, in a new arrangement that will allow the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS to be sold throughout the UK on the O2 network.

On top of the existing deal with independent retailer Carphone Warehouse, this new arrangement will mean that the iPhone is now going to be on shelves in an extra 450 stores across the United Kingdom.

Those of you who are interested will be able to purchase your iPhone on one of O2’s contracts, or on Pay As You Go, along with some Apple approved accessories that will be sold with the mobile phone.

Stephen Shurrok, the UK sales director for O2, stated: “Being able to distribute the iPhone through our partner Phones 4u helps us develop our strong trading partnership and, of course, reinforces O2’s position as home of the smartphone.”

After the announcement was made that O2 was going to lose their exclusive deal with Apple for selling the iPhone, then the following news that Vodafone and Orange were to soon start selling the device to their customers, O2 really did have to do whatever it could to make itself the carrier of choice for iPhone users in the United Kingdom; not all of them mind you, just enough to keep turning a good profit on the costly little device.

The company will be able to retain customers as well as recruit new ones thanks to a wider range of stores selling the device on O2, at least temporarily – the time will come when Vodafone and Orange go the same way, and then O2 will be relying on its exclusive Palm Pre deal.

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