iPhone’s new futuristic app

apple_iphoneA new application has been released for the iPhone by ‘hybrid collective’ application developers Acrossair. The application makes use of a technology that at one point was only found in science fiction books but looks like it will become a big part of everyday life in the near future. The technology, known as ‘augmented reality’, allows digital information to be merged with video footage in real time – essentially making a half-virtual-reality.

Acrossair’s application known as Nearest Tube will, as the name might suggest, point out the nearest tube station to your location. Nothing new about this, I hear you say, GPS has been around for some years. What is different about Nearest Tube, and similar applications released for the Nokia N95 and T-Mobile G1, is the manner in which this information is presented.

Hold your iPhone flat and Nearest Tube will display a map of the London underground network, but when you hold the iPhone upright the futuristic application will display the information on top of real-time video footage. What this means is that when you hold the iPhone up the app will display the nearest tube station in that direction, and also give you information about its distance.

Acrossair have also made other apps for the iPhone, including a TV Guide (which was ranked number 1 app in terms of popularity at one point) and a game called Fruity Loons, which they hope to release in the near future.

The Nearest Tube app is available as soon as Apple approves it, and works in both London and New York. Unless you spend a great deal of time in either of these cities there may be little point getting this application just yet.


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