iPhone Gets Adobe Photoshop

Apple iPhoneAdobe has just announced that a Photoshop iPhone app is making its way into the App Store; it will be known as “Photoshop.com Mobile.”

The application will allow you to edit pictures straight from your iPhone, and includes filters such as the popular vignette blurring and colorization, which promise to thrill users who are new to Photoshop, or just enjoy playing around with their pictures, maybe distorting their friends. Obviously, given the name, Photoshop.com Mobile will tie in with the Photoshop.com service, which is basically just an online place to store your images.

All users will be given 2 GB of space to use, although if you want to get more storage you can do so, so long as you are happy to pay for it.

While Photoshop.com is advertising the application as being ready to buy on the App Store, it doesn’t appear there yet for either the UK or the US – although we are sure that this is just the result of Apple‘s sometimes slow, but always thorough, approval process; we expect it will pop up sometime in the next day or two.

Photoshop.com Mobile will face some pretty stiff competitors, including rival image editing app, Photogene. However, the app does have the advantage of the official name “Photoshop”, and all of the popularity that goes with it. We’re expecting it to become one of the top 100 apps within a month of release, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if it clawed its way into the top ten.

Personally, I will not be using the app to do anything more than I do with my regular Photoshop; that is to say I will spend many an hour drawing moustaches and hats on my friends and family – and I’m still hyped, even if the fancy features do me no good personally.

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