iPhone Coolest UK Brand

Apple iPhoneThe Apple iPhone has just been named the coolest brand in the United Kingdom for the year 2009 and in the latest survey by CoolBrands.

The mobile phone has been an icon, in and out of the news, most recently due to the end of its exclusive partnership with O2 drawing to a close to make room for Orange to join the party – which is an even greater achievement for Orange now that the iPhone is being officially recognized as the coolest brand out there.

Apple not only took out the top spot in the survey of cool with its iPhone, but Apple itself was in third place along with the iPod which came in fourth.

Last year the ultimate cool brand was Aston Martin, which is currently occupying the 2nd spot, while Nintendo sits at spot 5, Youtube at number 6 and Google at number 8 – it seems like the top ten was thoroughly dominated by technology, which is something we like to see!

The Chairman of the CoolBrands board, Stephen Cheliotis, (who is also the chief executive of the Centre for Brand Analysis,) was quoted as saying, “Aston Martin has finally lost its top spot in the rankings – but only just.” To be honest we aren’t surprised; the iPhone was huge at its launch back in November 2007 and has only grown in popularity since then.

Although what is cool today may not be cool tomorrow, technology seems like it is set to stay in the top spots for a long time to come yet, with brands such as Xbox, BlackBerry and BBC iPlayer also finding their way onto the list.

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