Championship Manager App A Hit

iphone-cmThe application, Championship Manager, puts the user in a football management simulation and is available on the iPhone now; it is designed to let people lead their favourite team to victory from their couch at home, or while riding to work on the train.

Created by Eidos, the iPhone version of Championship Manager ’09, the apps full, official title, was released today and has a whole bunch of features, letting the user manage training regimes, promote their favourite club and also deal with a board which is desperate for you to succeed and make them rich in the process – all in all, it’s actually somewhat realistic.

The app has a subtitle, “Express”, meant to inform users of the intent of the mobile version of the game – it still boasts all the same depth and detail as the original version, the same number of players to choose from and the same tactics but it is also a game that one can pick up and play, then put down again and get back to it later – a feature we think is great.

Although the 2D interface wont be wowing anyone any time soon, and the text you have to scroll through gets a bit irritating, watching your little team of spots running around the screen trying to get the ball, a white spot, to go between two sticks, the goals, might not sound enthralling, it really does become incredibly addictive.

Roy Meredith, the general manager of Championship Manager, stated; “The revolutionary capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch make it a compelling platform and we have designed the Championship Manager game play specifically for these devices.”

You can pick up a copy in the app store now for only £3.49; good value even without 3D graphics.

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